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Multilingual eCataloguing and eClassification in eBusiness (eCAT)

CEN ISSSA European-wide project, initiated by TermNet. TermNet holds the technical secretariat on behalf of the Austrian Standards Institute.

CEN/ISSS Workshops offer the opportunity for direct participation in the international standardization processes. They are ongoing working groups that are open to all interested parties, including vendors, service providers, regulators, users and consumer groups.

CEN/ISSS WorkshopCEN/ISSS Workshops aim to arrive at a European consensus on an issue that can be published as a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA). The CWAs are published by the European Committee for Standardization and are CEN copyright. These deliverables may take the form of best practice agreements, codes of conduct or pre-standards, with the formal backing of CEN, one of the three European Standardization Organizations. more Information (PDF,  34 KB)

The Workshop Multilingual eCataloguing and eClassification in eBusiness (eCAT) has over 80 Members (PDF, 49 KB). To make sure you receive all relevant information and to participate in the work of this workshop, please register for free by filling in the Workshop membership registration form at CEN/ISSS

Focus points

  • Establishing a harmonized methodology for multilingual eCatalogues
  • Implementing this methodology in a future full-scale project on eCatalogue
  • Harmonizing existing standards for product description and classification into one common, horizontal (cross industry) system
  • Raising awareness and training on standards in the above mentioned domains.

The Workshop  combined several separate projects which are finalized with totally 6 CWAs.

For free download, please click on the respective document numbers.

Multilingual eCataloguing and eClassification in eBusiness (eCAT)

Finalized in July 2004 with 1 CWA
Multilingual catalogue strategies for eCommerce and eBusines (15045:2004) (PDF, 1,34 MB)

Harmonization of Product Classifiation (ePDC)

Divided into two parts:

Global Multilingual Product Description and Classification for eCommerce and eBusiness (ePDC-1)

Finalized in May and August 2005 with 2  CWAs:
Dictionary of Terminology for Product Classification and Description (15294:2005) (PDF, 251 kB)
Description of References and Data Models for Classification (15295:2005) (PDF, 1,00 MB)

Generic Product Description and Classification (gen-ePDC)

Finalized in June 2006 with 3 CWAs
New Property Library (15556-1:2006) (PDF, 159 kB)
Product Classes with sets of properties (15556-2:2006) (PDF, 1,19 MB)
Results of development in harmonization of product classifications and in multilingual electronic catalogues and their respective data modelling (15556-3:2006) (PDF, 3,43 MB)

Further information


Secretariat: TermNet, Gabriele Sauberer, E-mail: gsauberer@termnet.org
Chair, Vice-Chair, Convenor and Experts (PDF, 24 kB)

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