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SME-net - Pan-European NETwork for the intelligent provision of content and interactive services to SMEs

SME-net LogoSME-Net is an e-Content definition phase project with the objective to examine the viability of developing a pan-European business portal, which will provide access to information content and services directly related to SMEs. The pan-European content base will be provided through the active collaboration and efficient integration of public and private sector content sources and will cover areas, such as:

  • SME enterprise information records
  • Investment/Funding & Startups
  • Information Technology / Innovation
  • Business legislation

The information services for SMEs included:

  • International partner search 
  • Personal business news collector & dispatcher 
  • Intelligent supply/demand broker 
  • Business plan advisor 
  • Interactive funds finder

Further information

Dr. Gabriele Sauberer, E-mail: gsauberer@termnet.org

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