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TermTurk - Terminology for cross-cultural dialogue and specialized communication

TermTurk - Terminology for Cross-Cultural Dialogue and Specialized Communication is a project conducted by Hacettepe University and  funded by the European Union.

TermTurk Project is part of the initiative "Promotion of Civil Society Dialogue between EU and Turkey", conducted by the Secretariat General for European Union Affairs.

The main objective of the project is to establish the foundations required for the determination of a national terminology policy and to form a body of human resources that is to work in this field.

Special objectives

  • To raise awareness and increase the knowledge of the general public, related non-government and government organizations about terminology research through sharing information and implementing educational programmes.
  • To contribute to the setting up of a Terminology Research Centre (TRC) for the improvement of research and education in this field. It is expected to improve long term cooperation between the partner universities and stakeholders.
  • Thanks to TRC to be set up, long term information and experience sharing would be ensured. Furthermore, it is expected that this cooperation would be increased with an MA program offering a dual or triple diploma.
  • In addition, it is expected that the relationship between the NGOs joining to the project and the universities would be permanent. This project would contribute to the strengthening of the civil society dialogue between EU member states and Turkey, as the information related to the experience of the EU member states and good example practice would be conveyed to Turkey.

Planned events

  • Workshops
    Cross-cultural Dialogue and Specialized Communication
    06-10 July 2009
    Cologne, Germany
  • Conferences
    National Terminology Policy
    17-18 September 2009
    Timisoara, Romania

    Terminology Training
    2-3 October 2009
    Vienna, Austria

    Terminology Training Course
    31 August - 04 September 2009
    Ankara, Turkey
  • International Symposium
    Technical Translation and Terminology for Cross-Cultural Dialogue
        12-13 November 2009
        Ankara, Turkey



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