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PACT - Partnership Agreement Between Content and Technology

PACT fosters partnerships between innovative technology companies and creative content owners in the following 3 major sector: music, audio-visual and information.

PACT provides assistance to Multimedia and Content developer SMEs to meet and co-operate with the Technology Industry to turn their innovative ideas into concrete projects with the support of the EU Funding Programmes. The PACT initiative is targeted at the enormous potential of the multimedia sectors to exploit the new frontiers opened by the Internet revolution. PACT is running from 1 January 2001 to 30 June 2002.

Services offered by PACT

Free validation of project ideas

  • Test your project ideas on innovation
  • Marketability testing together with European ICT leaders
  • Verification of the state of the art


  • Pro-active assistance to identify and obtain funding
  • European Union funding programmes
  • Venture Capital

Marketing assistance

  • Assistance in project development
  • Help to solve IPR, security and e-payment issues
  • Identify and contact partners (content producers, technology developers)

Further information

Dr. Gabriele Sauberer, E-mail: gsauberer@termnet.org

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