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Exam and Certification

To become an ECQA Certified Terminology Manager,  participants have to take an exam and pass the individual learning elements with at least 66,66%.

The exam is taken electronically, using randomised questions from a central pool of multiple choice exam questions. Participants have six hours to complete approx. 110 questions.

Anybody interested in becoming a Certified Terminology Manager can do a selftest after registering on the ECQA platform: http://www.ecqa.org/index.php?id=23

Register now at the ECQA Platform for Terminology Managers - and make a selftest:
ECQA CTM How to register and do the selftest, PDF, 250 KB


Exam fees and certificate:

These fees are additional to training fees

  • for the BASIC exam: additional 234 (VAT-exempt) - per attempt
  • for the ADVANCED exam: additional 354 (VAT-exempt) - per attempt
  • for the ENGINEERING exam: additional 397 (VAT-exempt) - per attempt


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