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Publisher Products

The following publications have been produced by or in cooperation with TermNet Publisher and are available for free download as pdf documents.
  Proceedings of the Workshops on Diversity and Global Understanding 




 Was heißt hier Migrant? 30 Begriffe zu Ab- und Zuwanderung. (German only) – A glossary developed for the UNESCO project Go4Diversity, in which TermNet was a partner





 Partnerschaft für Prävention: Von A bis Z (German only) – A glossary developed by TermNet for the Austrian Workers' Compensation Board (Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt) AUVA for the EU Healthy Workplaces Campaign





TermNet Publisher Catalogue (PDF, 120 kB)

Bibiographic references

Basic Readings in Terminology (PDF, 12 kB)
IITF-Series: A series of publications including monographs, proceedings, bibliographies and guidelines (PDF, 11 kB)
IITF-Infoterm Series and Infoterm Series (PDF, 9 kB)
Proceedings (PDF, 9 kB) 

Some of the publications can be ordered from TermNet‘s cooperation partner (indicated in the catalogue).

Ergon Verlag
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Grombühlstrasse 7
97080 Würzburg, Germany
Tel. +49-931-280084
Fax +49-931-282872
E-mail: service@ergon-verlag.de

Free download - TermNet News issues

TermNet News(TNN) is the network's official  Newsletter.  It offers an overview of novel developments in terminology and provides information on TermNet members' and cooperation partners' activities and research projects, as well as on seminars, workshops, conferences, and upcoming events.

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