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TermNet - International network for terminology

Services for our Members

  • Benefit from the impressive network and conquer new markets: TermNet paves the ground for new business opportunities.
  • Receive access to the community and the innovative products, projects & services.
  • TermNet initiated EU Programmes: benefit directly from EU recommendations and regional, national and international project results.
  • Use TermNet’s platforms to present your products & services and join in to develop new businesses and discussions.
  • Benefit from TermNet’s qualification and training initiatives and from the pool of international trainers & experts.
  • Draw benefits from standardization activities: TermNet launched the initiative Multilingual eCataloguing and eClassification in eBusiness  which formulates pre-normative recommendations for establishing and implementing a harmony for multilingual eCatalogues at European level.
  • Receive access to pre-selected pertinent information and establish direct contact with decision makers, prospective clients and discussion partners: take advantage of TermNet’s information services and lobbying for the community and terminology market.
  • Collect sales arguments for your special products and services: TermNet networks for the community.
  • Discuss common goals and best practices: use TermNet as a platform.
  • Receive special conditions at events around the world.

Be active and let TermNet be active for you!

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