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TermNet News (TNN) is the network's official journal and offers an overview of novel developments in terminology, information on TermNet members' activities and research projects, as well as seminars, workshops, conferences and other announcements. TermNet News is produced for the worldwide community of the international terminology market, which consists of terminological products, tools and services, including multilingual content management products, services and developments as well as its intercultural diversity aspects. The community consists of firms, universities, organizations, institutions and associations. The TNN Editor welcomes articles and contributions you deem interesting to our readers.

Four journals integrated into TermNet News

From the year 2000 to 2006, the following four journals have been integrated into TNN and are no longer available as single issues, although they have kept their own ISSN:

  • Infoterm Newsletter (INL) offers information on developments in the field of terminology and on the activities implemented by Infoterm members and co-operative partners.
  • Biblioterm (BIT) offers background information on uni- and multilingual specialist dictionaries, terminological journals, lists of abbreviations, thesauri, etc.
  • Terminology Standardization and Harmonization (TSH) is a journal published by ISO/TC 37 "Terminology and other language resources", regularly informing on innovations in the field of terminology standardisation.
  • StandardTerm (STT) includes bibliographical information on the most recently issued regional, national and international standards and guidelines in terminology.

Since the year 2006, these four jounals are published by Infoterm.


Availability of back numbers (since 1990) upon request: termnetpublisher@termnet.org

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