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Date Location Event
2006-02-09 Brussels  Plenary (7)
2005-08-11 Brussels Plenary (6)
2005-06-11 Valencia Experts meeting (gen-ePDC)
2005-03-16 Cologne Plenary (5)
2004-11-28/29 Cologne Experts meeting (ePDC-1)
2004-09-14 Cologne Plenary (4)
2004-09-13 Cologne Experts meeting (ePDC-1)
2004-08-27/28 Cologne Experts meeting (ePDC-1)
2004-06-09 Cologne Experts meeting (ePDC-1)
2004-05-06 Brussels Experts meeting (ePDC-1)
2004-04-02/03 Vienna Experts meeting (ePDC-1)
2004-02-27 Cologne Plenary (3) & ePDC-1 Conference
2004-01-27 Amsterdam Experts kick-off (ePDC-1)
2003-10-10 Cologne Plenary (2)
2003-03-28 Brussels Plenary (1)
2003-02-14 Brussels eCAT Experts kick-off
2002-11-29 Brussels eCAT Kick-off
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