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Pre-conference workshop dedicated to Quality Standards, Terminology Management, Professional Practices and CAT Tools

Translators, interpreters and other language professionals from all over India gathered in New Delhi from 16-18 April 2009 for the National Conference on "Language and Translation Industry of India: Opportunities & Challenges”. The conference and preceding workshop were the first of their kind in the region.
The warm-up activity to the conference began on 16 April 2009 with a pre-conference workshop dedicated to Quality Standards, Terminology Management, Professional Practices and CAT Tools. The workshop was hosted at the Instituto Cervantes and inaugurated by His Excellency Miguel Angel Ramirez Ramos, Ambassador of Cuba in India. He emphasized the need to create awareness about quality standards, terminology management, professional practices and CAT tools in translation. 


Roger T. Bell
Situations, issues, and responses: exercises in professional decision-making for bilingual language service providers

The professional translator/interpreter has a responsibility for 

    1. the adequacy of the translated text (written/spoken/signed) and 
    2. its suitability for the client.

This requires: 

    1. competence (linguistic and cultural), 
    2. ethical behaviour, and 
    3. procedural appropriateness. 

All the scenarios are based on genuine events or are fictitious but plausible. Most relate to interpreting, since that provides the widest range of easily accessible situations and issues. However, other things being equal, the problems faced by other language service providers are essentially similar and the lessons learned can be easily transferred to other activities. This is an exercise than you can do in a group of colleagues and which will take approx. 60 minutes

View this presentation:  PDF, 60 KB

Anja Drame
Standardization at the Service of Diversity – Terminology and other language and content resources

Standardization is often regarded as contradictory to diversity, especially where languages are concerned. This is not only a misconception but can also be dangerous if it leads to ignoring the ongoing developments. This presentation explains why standardization is indeed necessary for India and its relation to other countries. The focus is on the standardization of terminology and other language and content resources as well as the standardization of methods and principles to manage them. It also gives insight to the process of standardization, recent activities and developments and explains how experts can get involved.

View this presentation:    PDF, 495 KB 

Gabriele Sauberer
Terminology Management in Translation

This presentation gives answers to the following questions: 

1. What does terminology management mean in practice?
2. What is the role of terminology in quality assurance – and how to measure quality?
3. What does the new European Standard EN 15038  “Translation services – Service requirements” say about terminology?

View this presentation:    PDF, 480 KB

Peter Jonas
Quality Standards and Certification for Translation Service Providers (TSPs) – EN 15038

This presentation explains the benefits and requirements of certification for translation service providers and what the new European Standard could mean for their business. It explains key issues that are covered in the standard, such as the Client-TSP relationship, the translation process and the importance of the “four-eye-principle”. It also tells you step-by-step how to get certified.

View this presentation:    PDF, 1 MB

Ravi Kumar
Introduction to CAT Tools

This presentation shares interesting facts about the translation industry in India. It explains the concepts and meaning of translation technology, automated translation, terminology management systems, machine assisted human translation (MAHT) and translation memory. It gives an overview of available providers and offers suggestions for translators.

View this presentation:
   PDF, 240 KB

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