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International Terminology Summer School 2008

Trainers at the International Terminology Summer School 2008

Heribert Picht

Heribert PichtHeribert Picht started his career in agriculture in the 1950s. After completion of his military service he did language studies in England and Spain. Thereafter he worked as an instructor in the agricultural machinery branch in Denmark before he commenced his studies at the Copenhagen Business School which led to MA degrees in German and Spanish with a specialisation in LSP. He continued his academic career there, working as a Full Professor of Terminology and Knowledge Representation since 2000, and from 1993 on also as a visiting professor at the Norges Handelshøyskole in Bergen, Norway. His research spanned the areas of  theoretical and applied terminology, LSP, specialized communication and knowledge representation. He has been awarded numerous prizes and awards, among them the Tietgen prize (accessit): "Verbindungslinien zwischen der terminologischen Forschung und anderen Forschungsdisziplinen", 1975, Fil.dr.h.c.; Vasa University, 11.6.1988, Prize for LSP teaching, Copenhagen Business School; June 1996, Hedorf's prize for research, 22.11.1996 and the first Eugen Wüster Award; 4.8.1997

Klaus-Dirk Schmitz

Klaus-Dirk SchmitzKlaus-Dirk Schmitz is Full Professor of Terminology Studies at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne in Germany. His teaching and research activities focus on terminology theory and terminology management as wells as on software localization and computer tools for translators. Numerous articles and books where he acts as author, co-author and editor show his excellent expertise in these fields. Prof. Schmitz has also taken a leadership role in national and international forums e.g. as president of the Council for German Language Terminology (RaDT), president of the International Information Centre for Terminology (Infoterm), and chairman of the German Standards Committee on Computer Applications in Terminology. The formal training of Prof. Schmitz was actually in Computers and Linguistics. He holds a diploma in Computer Science and Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics and Information Science, both from the University of Saarbrücken. He starts his academic career in ambitious research projects on Machine Translation and Translator’s Workbenches recognizing very soon that is wise and useful to concentrate more on training potential users of these tools and on developing more application-oriented and user-friendly versions of linguistic software. In 1992 he transferred his appointment from the University of Saarbrücken to the Faculty of Information and Communication Studies in Cologne where he also heads the Institute for Information Management as Managing Director.

Frieda Steurs

Frieda SteursFrieda Steurs is a Full Professor in terminology, technical translation and language technology and the head of the research group ‘Language and Computing’ at the Lessius University College, Antwerp, Belgium. She teaches Terminology and Documentation, Media and Translation and Technical and Scientific translation. Her research includes terminology management, language technology and standardisation. This has lead to several projects with industrial partners and government organisations. She is the founder of NL-TERM, the Dutch terminology association for both the Netherlands and Belgium.  She is also the head of the ISO TC/37 standardisation committee for Belgium and the Netherlands and president of Coterm, the government body on terminology for the Netherlands and Belgium. Since October 2003, she is the head of the department translation and interpreting in the Lessius University College.

Sue Ellen Wright

Sue Ellen Wright Sue Ellen Wright is a Professor of German and a member of the Kent State University Institute for Applied Linguistics, where she teaches computer applications for translators and German to English technical translation. She is the co-compiler (with Professor Gerhard Budin of the University of Vienna) of the Handbook for Terminology Management and the author of many articles on applied terminology management in industry. She is active as a terminology trainer and consultant for companies and institutions implementing terminology management. Wright is chair of the American Translators Association (ATA) Terminology Committee and is ATA-accredited (German-English). She is active in the national and international standards community (American Society for Testing and Materials and the International Organization for Standardization) and chairs the U.S. mirror committee (Technical Advisory Group) for ISO Technical Committee 37, Terminology and language and content resources. In addition to terminology standards, she has been an active member of the US group elaborating a standard for translation quality management.

Gabriele Sauberer

Gabriele SaubererAfter pursuing an interdisciplinary bundle of studies with focus on Eastern European Languages and many years of scientific project management at the University of Vienna, Gabriele Sauberer finished a post graduate course “European Project Management (EUPROMA)”. A pioneer in the field of professional preparation and management of EU funded projects, she successfully manages the International Network for Terminology since 2002. For the European Commission she acted as consultant to European eContent and 6th Framework Programmes and for the Austrian Standards Institute she is active in several committees as expert in terminology, translation and diversity management. Gabriele Sauberer designed and performed many projects at European, regional, national and international level and developed trainings and seminars with focus on European and International topics. Since 2007, she is teaching project management, intercultural communication and diversity management at the Centre for Translation Studies of the University of Vienna.

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