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eTranslation TermBank - Terminology for Europe


The eTranslation TermBank (eTTB) action aims at providing new Terminological Resources (TRs) to the language resource pipeline of the automated translation services of CEF, the Connecting Europe Facility Initiative of the European Commission.

eTTB will provide TRs for three sector-specific domains:

1) health, 2) business legislation and 3) customer protection,

to support the Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs) of the CEF: eHealth, e-Justice and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR).

A minimum of 150 TRs covering all official languages of the EU plus Norwegian and Icelandic will be provided by the end of the action, comprising an already existing baseline list.

TermNet is a project partner of eTTB and is going to organize a "Terminology for Europe" Workshop on July 13, 2018, within the framework of the International Terminology Summer School (TSS 2018) in Vienna.

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