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HOT OFF THE PRESS! New SDL eBook about Technical Documentation


Beyond Words - The Reinvention of Technical Documentation

Customer satisfaction is influenced by every experience your customer has with you, at every touchpoint from printed materials to a website, from an in-store purchase to online help, from marketing content to user documentation... online or offline... mobile or PC... presale or post sale.

Many companies have already modernized their technical documentation by converting publications to structured content using open standards such as DITA. The overall publishing process is considerably improved through automated publishing, content reuse and lower translation costs. But the potential of structured content goes much further.

Companies now want to transform their publications into high-quality customer touchpoints that engage with customers at all points in the customer journey. This also reduces customer support costs through easy-to-find, multi-channel, multilingual documentation.

This eBook focuses on how you can increase customer satisfaction by offering insight into new concepts and best practices in how you create and deliver technical content.



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