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New: Terminology Group Coaching


Dear Terminology Practitioner,

hope you are very well.

Today I have exciting news for you: 

Our online course participants inspired us to introduce
terminology group coaching and their feedback was
overwhelmingly good.

Thus, we will continue with this amazing service, starting 
with December 5th at 4pm CET.

In our terminology group coaching we tackle all relevant issues
that will make your life easier when managing terminology. 

Once in a month, on the first Thursday of the month, you will
have the unique opportunity to discuss your terminology issues
with your colleagues and peers all over the world, and you will

get help and advise from me, Gabriele Sauberer, PhD, MBA, 
Director of the International Network for Terminology, 

The Terminology Group Coaching is the most efficient and
pleasant way to get rid of your doubts and stressful experiences
and let in supportive feedback and helpful coaching.

Terminology work should be fun - and not a nightmare. 
It should connect you with people and gain their respect and
cooperation, to make you and terminology successful and happy.

Join us every first Thursday in a month and get help and advise.
Listen to interesting case studies, get industry news and become a
better and more relaxed terminology manager with our excellent
group coaching.

Annual subscription fee is 97 EUR only.

Participation in the coaching is most easy and barrier free: We use
zoom teleconference software. You do not need any specific technology
or tools. Just klick the link and have your headset ready, if you want to
speak or ask questions during the live coaching.

If you can not join us, you can watch and listen to the recordings 
of the coaching. They will be made available in MP4 and audio file format.
Any further questions? 

Looking very much forward to meeting you in our coaching group,
All the very best,
Head of the TermNet Group

P.S.: Here comes the link again, where you can register.

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