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Meet LICS representatives at the largest translation industry event in Berlin!


Quality assurance and certification play an important role at the leading event of the translation industry in the German speaking area, the BDÜ conference "Interpreting the Future", to take place from 28-30 September 2012 in Berlin.

Do not miss the presentations by LICS partners and representatives, e.g.:

  • EN 15038 - Report on the experience of a certified freelancer two years after certification (Jerzy Czopik)
    29 September 2012, Room: Hörsaal B
  • Certification to EN 15038 - The record of the first six years (Klaus Kurre) 29 September 2012, Room: Hörsaal B

When: 28 - 30 September 2012

Where: Freie Universität Berlin - Henry Ford-Building, Booth OG 03

Find more information about this conference at: http://www.interpreting-the-future.com/

We look forward to meeting you there!

LICS is the world market leader for quality standards in language services.

The Language Industry Certification System LICS® is a joint venture between AS+Certification, a subsidiary of the Austrian Standards Institute, and the International Network for Terminology - TermNet. The mission of LICS© is to provide independent, third-party certification services for the language industry.

More information about LICS at: http://www.lics-certification.org/

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