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Survey 'Women Integration and Skills for Entrepreneurship Project'


Your answers will help us to propose solutions to existing problems regarding women entrepreneurs in the ICT sector and to identify best practices enabling women entrepreneurs. By participating in the questionnaire, you will be able to take advantage of WISE benefits:

  • Self-assessment tool: check your Entrepreneurial skills and strengths
  • Personality promotion: learn about the typical "pitfalls" for women in business and learn how to improve your business style
  • Work-Life balance: assess your situation and get advice on efficient and effective business strategies
  • Entrepreneur profile visibility: put your profile on the Showcase of Excellence for women entrepreneurs in the ICT sector
  • Local trainings and workshop: participate for free and make use of the possibility to share your experience with a targeted audience
  • Get connected: benefit from the networking at an international level and the interaction with other women entrepreneurs, trainers and decision makers at the WISE Special Interest Group, a virtual community platform

Individual responses will be kept absolutely confidential. Data will be aggregated and any individual comment will not be attributed to their originators. The survey results will be made available to all respondents as well as being used to support the development of self-assessment tools for women to promote themselves.

Questionnaire: Please send by 15 February 2006 to gsauberer@termnet.org

 Cover letter (PDF)
Questionnaire for VET Institutions  (MS Word)
Questionnaire for Women Entrepreneurs in ICT  (MS Word)

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