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Meet us at the 2011 IMIA Annual Conference on Medical Interpreting!


2011 International Medical Interpreters Conference Client Education - Everyone's Responsibility

30. September - 2. October, 2011
Boston, United States

The conferences held to date have played an important role in documenting and motivating progress in this field, and have drawn the interest of attendees from all over the world. Established experts in medical interpreting practice and policy have strongly supported these meetings as an opportunity to share ideas with and lend moral support to each other. National health policy leaders have been invited to participate to share their points of view, and to be educated about the substance of and enthusiasm behind this movement. Newcomers to the field, especially medical interpreters and interpreter managers, have come to learn more about and to gain practical information to take back to their organizations, states & countries.

The format of the conference is grounded in workshop sessions that maximize audience participation, complemented by stakeholder meetings and plenary sessions on key national and international policy issues. IMIA provides the forum for new experts in the field to develop. This conference seeks to facilitate learning as an ongoing, dynamic and social process, and strives to offer engaging sessions in which diverse participants can form bonds, participate as learners and teachers, and feel integral to the learning process.

Gabriele Sauberer, TermNet Executive Secretary, will represent TermNet and LICS, the Language Industry Certification System, with the topic "To be certified or not certified - that's the question (of survival) for LSPs and ISPs - Applying for and Maintaining AILIA-NSGCIS and LICS Certification for (ISPs)".

For more information about the conference programme, key notes and registration, please go to: http://www.imiaweb.org/conferences/2011conference.asp
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