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TERMNET PUBLISHER NEW PUBLICATION: Proceedings of the Workshops on Diversity and Global Understanding


TermNet is happy to announce the publication of the proceedings of the Workshops on Diversity and Global Understanding (31 May - 2 June 2010 in Vienna, Austria).

This series of workshops aimed to bring together researchers and practitioners from different fields and disciplines with an interest in the issues and challenges of diversity in global working environments such as the UN. The overall objective was to deepen the international debate on questions pertaining to cultural diversity, ranging from diversity management and terminology to global education and the use of new communication tools.


  • Foreword
    Anja Drame, Henrike Paepke
  • From abstract personal values of global responsibility to concrete work settings
    Alexander Wick, Reinhard Mitschke
  • Cultural Diversity in Higher Education
    Stefan Ossmann,Alexander Schmoelz
  • Globales Lernen
    Neda Forghani-Arani, Elisabeth Nuart, Kristina Maria Willebrand
  • Rwanda’s terminology and language policy needs
    Valens Bimenyimana
  • Interagency communications and co-operation in complex emergencies: the role and influence of cultures
    Jamie Arbuckle
  • African refugees and asylum seekers in Israel
    Alice Nägele
  • United Nations’ Translators and Terminologists at Vienna
    Mekki Elbadri

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