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Call for experts for the new project CEN/WS/eCAT-CMap: Classification Mapping for open and standardized product classification usage in eBusiness


A new project has been approved within the framework of CEN/WS/eCAT "Multilingual electronic cataloguing and classification in eBusiness": "Classification Mapping for open and standardized product classification usage in eBusiness" (CMap).

This project is a follow-up of the CEN/WS/eCAT project on "Classification and catalogue systems for public and private procurement” (CC3P).

Together with CC3P the new CMap-project can be regarded as a milestone for achieving content interoperability in the field of multilingual product data. The project goes beyond a mere mapping of product classification systems. Its most important aim is to develop an operational system for maintaining the mapped status of the four major product classification schemes over time on a regular basis.

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