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RaDT , the Council for German LanguageTerminology, releases its brochure “Knowledge, Brands and Customer Loyalty - Terminology as a Critical Success Factor”


"For a business, value is created for the most part when employees are accountable. They recognise changes in demand and adjust products and services accordingly. A consistent, informative presentation of corporate policy and clear messages about development stages and corporate goals contribute significantly to sustained success. They are some of the most important non-financial influences on clients and analysts. Focusing on success when handling information, communication, media and knowledge is essential in order to optimise a company’s organisation of work and its sales environment. This fosters knowledge and competence that results in a significant competitive advantage over the competition in the longer term. The customer’s path to the product is through language. An awareness of corporate communication – and language – promotes efficient corporate management. Language becomes a strategic tool when combined with

  • Knowledge management
  • Branding and brand protection
  • Customer care and customer loyalty"

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Download the complete RaDT brochure “Knowledge, Brands and Customer Loyalty - Terminology as a Critical Success Factor”

The Council for German-Language Terminology (www.radt.org) was created in1994 on the initiative of the German, Austrian and Swiss UNESCO Commissions to promote terminology in German-speaking countries. It consists of a panel of experts who represent organisations, associations, administrative bodies, business and industry, and educational institutions in the field of terminology from Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, Belgium, South Tyrol and Switzerland.

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