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Meet us at the National Language and Culture Expo in Toronto!


National Language and Cultural Expo
2-3 October 2010
Toronto, Canada

The Language Expo is an exciting event for public and professionals to celebrate languages, cultures and diversity!

A 2 day event in Toronto, Ontario to promote and celebrate official, community and international languages as well as intercultural and global awareness.

Language Expo is open to the public, language learners, language teachers, linguists, interpreters, educators, businesses, professional organizations and associations and anyone who is passionate about, or interested in, languages and world cultures.

Gabriele Sauberer, TermNet Executive Secretary, will represent TermNet with the topic
“Quality Assurance in the Language Industry through terminology and Certification for both Translation and Community Interpreting”.

More information about this event at: http://www.languageexpo.ca/

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