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Join us at the Montific - ECQA Joint Conference 2010!


TermNet and the ECQA Certified Terminology Manager - Basic will be represented at the Montific - ECQA Joint Conference 2010, with the topics of terminology, quality and certification.

Montific - ECQA Joint Conference 2010
The Current Financial Crisis and Competences to Address Problems on the European Market

One congress with two conferences / initiatives

Day 1 - 30.9.2010
MONTIFIC Conference
Linking Innovation to Governance


Day 2 – 1.10.2010
ECQA Conference 2010
Linking Innovation to Industrial Growth and Success

hosted by the Budapest Business School, Budapest.

The topics of the conference days are going around the relevance of good governance and innovation practices necessary for survival in turbulent economic conditions. The speakers are highly reputed experts from many different domains, representing wide range of organizations from public sector to automotive industry,  from large companies to small enterprises. During the conference the attendees will receive information about the most recent outcomes of European funded MONTIFIC and DEUCERT projects supporting European level learning services for increasing human capabilities of innovation and governance.

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