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EU-wide certification scheme for terminology managers - Launch of the online platform for the ECQA Certified Terminology Manager - Basic


In the globalised knowledge and information societies, specialised language has become a prerequisite of any kind of efficient and effective  communication, management and interoperability of technical systems and methodologies. Terminology and terminology management build an integral, high quality and quality-assuring part of the end products, services and tools in the fields of

  • information and communication,
  • classification and organisation,
  • translation and localisation.

The new job profile Certified Terminology Manager - Basic combines and bundles the various competences of professionals active in these areas.

The first certification exam took place successfully on 28 May 2010. with a run-up a month later, on 30 June 2010. This scheme currently exists for the Basic level. An Advanced certificate is planned for the near future.

More information about the ECQA CTM - Basic, training programme certification and exams at:



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