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TermNet - International network for terminology


The topic of terminology and TermNet are represented at the ODOK 2010: Access to Knowledge and Information Competence for all?


13th Austrian Online Information Meeting
14th Austrian Documentation Day

ODOK 2010

Access to Knowledge and Information Competence for all?
Montanuniversität Leoben 
Leoben/Styria, Austria
22-24 September 2010

Representatives and Members of TermNet will present and discuss various aspects of policies, management and applications of terminology and information. TermNet will also contribute to the issue of information competence.

ODOK is...

...the joint conference of the VÖB (Vereinigung österreichischer Bibliothekarinnen und Bibliothekare, Association of Austrian Librarians) and the ÖGDI (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Dokumentation und Information, Austrian Society for Documentation and Information). It takes place every two years and focuses on financing, on documentation and administration of electronic media, as well as on relevant developments in the information and knowledge society.

The conference theme of ODOK 2010: »Access to Knowledge and Information Competency for Everyone?« will focus on the following aspects:

  • Access to paid content
    How can we continue ensuring access to paid content in spite of ever more limited budgets? (Big deals versus pay-per-view, collection building versus document delivery, business models)
  • Free access to content
    Can Open Access and institutional repositories be solutions to overcome or at least alleviate the dilemma of financing?
  • Access to knowledge through information brokers
    What is the role of librarians, information managers and information brokers in cataloging, indexing and linking content?
  • Information competency for everyone
    How can we train our staff? How can we reach our users? What is the role of terminologies?
  • Digital divide – access barriers and information strategies
    How can we narrow the digital divide? What are the strategies for a knowledge-based economy, a knowledge-based society and educational policies respectively? Expansion like Google or isolation like China?

A steadily growing exhibition of information providers gives an overview of current offers and provides a platform for negotiations with single institutions and on a consortial level. The ODOK addresses information and documentation professionals in libraries, archives, museums, documentation centers, as well as in industry and research, and free-lance information brokers. At the last ODOK conferences we welcomed about 250 to 300 participants, mainly from Austria and the German-speaking neighboring countries. German will be the language used at the conference.

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