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On behalf of a large German automobile manufacturer, TermNet is looking for independent revisers


TermNet, the International Network for Terminology, on behalf of a large German automobile manufacturer, is looking for

independent revisers

to perform quality evaluations of translated instruction manuals translated from

Brazilian Portuguese into English
English into Danish
English into Dutch
English into Polish

What we expect:

  • native speaker in one of the target languages (English, Danish, Dutch, Polish)
  • very good command of the source language (Brazilian Portuguese, English)
  • very good technical understanding in the area of car industry
  • familiarity with specific terminology
  • at least 3 years of documented experience in translating
  • structured and careful method of working
  • readiness to attend a 2-days training seminar in Austria (Vienna), in September 2009

The ideal candidate:

  • has also very good command of German
  • fulfils the requirements of DIN EN 15038:2006, paragraph 3.2.3 (Professional
    competences of revisers)

Important: Applications from students and translation bureaus / agencies can NOT be
taken into account unless the individual translator or the agency is EN 15038 certified
(no self-declaration accepted, only valid certificate issued by an independent third party

Please send your written application including your phone number and/or Skype address to: projects@termnet.org

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