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Looking for Partners: Our member LISA is supporting the W3Cís partner search for their initiative to review the current state of standards and best practices relating to Web internationalization.


The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is proposing to coordinate a Thematic Network as a European Commission funded project and is looking for partners to support the application and participate in the Network.

The Thematic Network will review the current state of standards and best practices relating to Web internationalization and recommend ways to move forward in this area. It will also encourage the use of standards and widely recognised conventions to promote the Web as a primary medium for truly multilingual and cross-lingual content and services. The Commission will look to the results when planning future project funding. Participants will also be able to provide input to a number of practical initiatives planned at the W3C to complement the aims of the Network.

The W3C is looking for partners in as wide a range of areas as possible, including content developers and publishers, ISPs and user agent developers, localizers and machine translation developers, markup specialists, government and official bodies, etc.

The funding for the project will cover preparation for and attendance at a number workshops and meetings over a two year period.

Please see the project proposal for more details, and contact Richard Ishida (ishida@w3.org) if you are interested in participating or have suggestions.

Project proposal:http://www.w3.org/2009/02/ictpsp-preliminary-description.html

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