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First International Diversity Summer School - It was a success!



Voices of the participants
A very pleasant, informative and inspiring week on the basis of Diversity and its management – concrete, diverse and real!

Es gibt keine bessere Gelegenheit, Wissen auszutauschen und zu generieren, ja einen Teil der Zukunft zu gestalten, al seine Tagung wie die International Diversity Summer School.
[There is no better opportunity to exchange and generate knowledge – even to form a part of the future – than a conference like the Diversity Summer School.]

Positive atmosphere, excellent presentations and workshops, admirable organisers, the best way to start my summer holiday ;-)

Diversity is political.

We are all diverse and there is no such a thing as a “homogeneous diverse group” and this is why we have to stop thinking in differences – even if this may be easier to do and even if many people think it is more comfortable to think in binary oppositions we have to try to change that.

1) Access to a new area: SIGN LANGUAGE; 2) Meeting people from different countries; 3) special know-how in DIVERSITY MANAGEMENT

An inspiring meeting of representatives for all (or at least most) core dimensions in an atmosphere of harmony that should / could be exemplary for meetings on all scales, of politicians, etc. nationally an internationally.

Through the International Diversity Summer School I now have the motivation and the opportunity to get in contact with other people dealing with diversity and to get the chance to be a participant in some fields and change the way of thinking.

I discovered a very useful conceptual tool like “diversity management”, viewed from different perspectives, a concept that with further operationalisation can be a very useful and productive operational tool for any organisation.

Diversity ist viel zu divers um es in einem Satz zusammenzufassen, aber dieses Zitat trifft es immer noch am besten: „Diversity is not about the others, diversity is about you.“
[Diversity is much too diverse to describe in one sentence.  However, there is one quote that always seems to fit best: “Diversity is not about the others, diversity is about you.”]

Diversity does not mean blindness to differences, but treasures these differences and wants to ensure that no disadvantages are attached to them.

Hard work – but success at last.

My conclusion of the IDSS is the following: Learning about important “diversity” issues by not reading theories from a book – bur having discussions with experts and non-experts was a very important and useful experience to me! Thanks!

Diversity and Diversity Management will become more and more important topics in work situation, daily life, administration and education. When we learn to become good diversity managers we will be able to live to our highest potential and help others to do so.

Ich plädiere für das Thema “Ethical Aspect of Diversity Management”.
Die Veranstaltung nur 4 Tage, einen Thesenband vor der Veranstaltung, der zur besseren Orientierung und Auswahl dient.
[I plead/advocate for the subject „Ethical Aspect of Diversity Management“. I would appreciate having more information in advance to achieve better orientation and choice of workshops.]

A drop in the ocean of European pressing needs.

This Diversity Summer School was beyond all positive expectations in terms of the quality of contents and contributions of the audience, the speakers and the organisation team.

More interaction between the representatives of the different dimensions of diversity is needed.

It was extremely encouraging to see, to feel and to hear so many people coming together to learn about – and fight for – a common cause.

If you want the diversity concept to really work in the real life (not only in academic discussions), you have to start the education about that and the process of awareness raising already in the kindergarden.

Diversity Management ist keine (weitere) Möglichkeit, sondern eine Notwendigkeit.
[Diversity Management is not an (additional) opportunity, it is necessary.]

This week I spent five very intensive days in the summer school and could not only gain important knowledge about the topic, but also enrich my personality so that from now on I will carry out all these positive experiences into professional as well as private life.

There are such a lot of people that fight and have ideas to realize equal rights and chances for all, that I am really hopeful that there will change a lot in the future and that we already are on the right way.

Meine Hauptbemerkung ist – um Vorträgen beiwohnen zu können – dass die Anwesenheit von Gebärdensprachdolmetschern hohe Wichtigkeit hat; weiters hat diese Summer School meinen Wissenshorizont erweitert und ich habe neue Erkenntnisse dazugewonnen.
[My main comment is that in order to be present at lectures, sign language interpreters are very important. Further, the Summer School broadened my horizons and increased my knowledge]

Diversity Management as a way to live better together and to understand better each other.

The importance of continuing to interact with people from different populations to develop more understanding and solutions to creating a respectful environment for all individuals.

The best part for me was networking with other people on an international level, the worst part for me were people who did not use gender-sensitive language or showed up for their key note speech 30 minutes late without a single word of apology for the 25 people waiting. All in all – try to bring up the level!

Die Summer School war eine tolle Gelegenheit, verschiedene Menschen, interessante Diskussionen sowie interactive Workshops zu erleben und dabei hatte ich die Möglichkeit, meinen Horizont zu erweitern und viel Neues zum Thema Diversity und Diversity Management zu erfahren; alles in allem habe ich Anstöße zu weiterer Vertiefung mit dem Thema bekommen.
Es ist wichtig, Diversity öffentlich zu besprechen, aber wo liegt die Grenze, wer wird von den Schlüsseldimensionen berücksichtigt, wer nicht? Wichtig sind auch die diversen Seiten einer Person, die nicht so offensichtlich sind wie Konzentrationsschwäche, „nationale“ Identität innerhal einer Nation, Bsp. in Deutschland: Der Unterschied zwischen Ost und West etc., oder die ethnische Vielfalt in Österreich etc.
„Wer Großes will muß sich beschränken können“ (Hegel). Ich kann´s nicht ... deshalb viele Sätze hier ... viele Workshops und Speakers. Thank you Gabriele and all the other cooperation partners for this good and respectful cooperation.
Vielfalt ist so vielfältig, dass es jeden einzelnen betrifft.
[The Diversity Summer School was a fantastic opportunity to experience interesting discussions and interactive workshops.  I also had the opportunity to broaden my horizons und learn many new things about Diversity and Diversity Management.  All in all, it has given me the impetus to deepen my knowledge and understanding of Diversity.
It is important to discuss Diversity in publicly, but where is the limit? Which key dimensions will be taken into consideration and which ones will not? The diverse aspects of a person, such as difficulty concentrating, national identity within a nation (eg. in Germany the difference in east and west, or the ethnic differences within Austria) are also important.
“Whoever wants to be big, must constrain him/herself” (Hegel). I can’t do it …. thus the many sentences here …. many workshops and speakers.  Thank you Gabriele and all the other cooperation partners for this good and respectful cooperation.
Diversity is so diverse that it affects everyone.]
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