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Official Launch of the World Centre for Language Documentation


The World Language Documentation Centre (WLDC), a non-profit organization that champions linguistic research and helps meet the needs of linguistic communities, was officially launched on 9 May 2007 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

Located in Wales UK, the World Language Documentation Centre promotes multilingualism in 'cyberspace' and is putting systems in place for the maintenance and sustainability of the wealth of information about the languages of the world.

The predominance of the English language in readable Web content is gradually being suppressed, but studies have demonstrated that the Web does not present a reliable surrogate for the use of languages in the world. This is often because the capability for representing these languages and the variety within them is lacking.

The launch of a World Centre is due to a significant expansion in international standards that are fundamental to many information systems and the need to encapsulate a broad range of linguistic and technical expertise.

The Members of the WLDC Board are world-renowned experts in language technologies, linguistics, terminology standardization, and localization. Membership of the WLDC is open to anyone showing a genuine interest in contributing towards the aims and objectives of the World Language Documentation Centre.

For further information, contact:
Debbie Garside, CEO, WLDC
E-mail: info@thewldc.org
Tel.: +44 1 437 766441
Fax: +44 1 437 766173

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