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ISO/TC 37 Survey on terminology and other language and content resources standards


ISO/TC 37, the International Organisation for Standardization's Technical Committee dealing with the standardization of principles and methods of "Terminology and other language and content resources" is conducting a survey in the course of a user group analysis.
This survey is intended to improve the work of TC 37  and make its standards more relevant for their users.  For this reason  we ask you, as a potential user and member of TC 37's target group for your input and comments on our work.
The survey is available online:   http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=986723817027 

Depending on how detailed your feedback will be, its completion may take between 10 and 30 minutes.  
The results will be published on the TC 37 website www.iso.org/tc37 and will be evaluated in a special session taking place during this year's meetings in Provo/Utah in August 2007.  They will also be presented to the public during the PragApps Conference on 13 August 2007 in Provo (for more information see www.ttt.org/tc37). 
Further detailed information can be found on the ISO website www.iso.org or go directly to www.iso.org/tc37.

Please do not hesitate to contact ISO/TC 37 if you have any further questions about the survey or the  work of the technical committee.

ISO/TC 37 "Terminology and other language and content resources"
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c/o Infoterm - International Information Centre for Terminology
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