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TBX-lite data category proposal open for review


The LISA Terminology Special Interest Group has released a proposal for the types of terminology data that will comprise the future TBX Lite standard. TBX-Lite is a proposed OSCAR standard that would be a simplified version of the TBX (Term Base eXchange) standard (www.lisa.org/tbx). TBX-Lite is intended to support the needs of tools developers and small and medium language service providers (LSPs) for exchanging terminological data with partners and clients.

In addition to proposing a standard set of "data categories" for the future TBX-Lite, the proposal includes guidelines for using the data categories, a list of key standards to follow, practical information about copyright issues, and more. In preparing the proposal, the SIG consulted with terminology experts such as Sue Ellen Wright of Kent State University and Klaus-Dirk Schmitz of Cologne University.

One new data category that should be noted is the one called "Localization Type", which resulted from the SIG?s collaboration with Professor Schmitz. This data category has not been available in any previous terminology standard, and is designed to represent information for software lcalization.

We ask you to visit www.lisa.org/term to download the proposal and then submit your comments to tbxlite@lisa.org. Your feedback is essential if we are to ensure that TBX-Lite will meet your needs and assist you in the goal of delivering high-quality globalization projects.

Feedback will be accepted by the Terminology SIG through May 28. The final proposal for terminology data categories will then be submitted to OSCAR as input for TBX-Lite.

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