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Call for Papers: Workshop Multimedia Semantics - The Role of Metadata



6th Workshop of the Multimedia Metadata Community, BTW 2007

5.-9. March 2007, Aachen

The web 2.0 will be a multimedia web. In order to make multimedia services ubiquitous, accessible and interoperable we need new mechanisms to describe and process the semantics of multimedia artefacts on the web. Metadata, mostly linguistic data about multimedia artefacts, will play an important role in these mechanisms.

The overall objective of the workshop is to investigate the current practice of multimedia metadata for contextualized ubiquitous, accessible and interoperable services on a higher semantic level, e.g. in collaborative working environments. We concentrate on the development of services and test beds for MPEG-7 and MPEG-21 based services, but also contributions related to other multimedia metadata description standards are welcome. The majority of multimedia metadata description standards in use is based on XML. This has important consequences on the development of services and test beds on the database, the infrastructure and the interface level. We are encouraging especially contributions from interested research groups from the database, the web service and the web 2.0 area.

This is the 6th Workshop of the Multimedia Metadata Community (http://www.multimedia-metadata.info). We want to extend this very active and successful community with new members. The workshop takes place at the 12th GI Conference for Database System in Business, Technologie and Web, BTW 2007, 5.-9. March 2007 (http://www.btw2007.de/).

Read the whole information and the details for the submission of papers here.

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