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First International Diversity Summer School


The 1st International Diversity Summer School (IDSS 2007) will take place at the University of Vienna, from 9 to 13 July 2007.

IDSS 2007 will be jointly organized by equalizent Vienna and TermNet, in cooperation with the Center for Translation Studies, University of Vienna.

Under the heading "Let's celebrate 2007 - the European Year of Equal Opportunities for ALL" IDSS 2007 will bring together for the first time participants from different international communities for a practice-oriented training event, with the theme "Diversity and Diversity Management: Theory, Practice and Application".

In addition to an introduction to the aims and perspectives of "diversity" within the European and international context, the training will focus on three main topics  that will be dealt with in the light of participants' case studies and projects:

* Diverse Cultures - Diverse Languages
* Standards and Quality Assurance
* Diverse Cities/Enterprises/Projects

The course will be held English.

Further details regarding the programme and the organizers can be found at:

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