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Conference European Charter for Small Enterprises


The annual Conference on the European Charter for Small Enterprises will take place in Vienna 13-14 June 2006, organised by the European Commission and the Austrian Presidency.

The conference is directed at national and regional policy makers and business organisations with the aim to encourage the exchange of good practice between Member States.

The conference will focus on three priority areas:

  1. It will demonstrate how firms may get more out of the Single Market by easily accessing information on legislation and standardisation.
  2. It will examine business support schemes especially for start-ups and business transfers.
  3. It will also look at successful e-business models, including measures to support SME uptake of e-business.

Three workshops will be devoted to good practices in other Charter areas, to the Euro-Mediterranean Charter and to one-person enterprises.

For the first time, participants will be able to have bilateral "Expert Chats" with the speakers.

Early registration is advised since the number of seats is limited.

To register, please go to the conference website:

Background information: European Charter for Small Enterprises

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