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Third international conference on Terminology, Standardization and Technology Transfer (25-26 August 2006, Beijing, People’s Republic of China)


Under the main theme: Terminology in the information society and for the emerging knowledge society TSTT 2006 turns out to become a meeting place of the terminology community with industry.

In China the TSTT Conference is the most important event in the field of terminology standardization. The goal is to promote the development of terminology and its application in business, scientific research and education, and to intensify the cooperation among related organizations within and between the world regions.

The first TSTT conference was held on 1991, which marked the beginning of full range cooperation between China and outside world in the field of terminology standardization. Then in 1997 the second TSTT conference demonstrated the prosperous development of terminology in China with the rapid growth of IT industry.

Now China is becoming more and more involved in the world global economy. Terminology work has reached a new stage - among others by Chinese experts developing ISO standards in the field of terminology. To meet the challenges of new developments in technology and knowledge management, and to take the advantage of hosting the ISO/TC37 annual meeting in Beijing, TSTT’2006 will be organized 25/26 August 2006. TSTT 2006 is aimed to further promote the application of terminology in various business activities and to strengthen the world wide cooperation related to terminology.


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