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TermNet - International network for terminology


Program of TSS 2019


The preliminary program is now quite finalized and can be
downloaded here.
We would like to draw your attention to some special areas
in the program. As we strive to make tss as interactive as
possible, the program will consist only in parts of frontal tuition.
Major emphasize is also given on your contribution.
Most of you already work as terminology professionals
and have experienced both success and challenges.

We want you to share your experiences with your peers
and apply as much of the new knowledge as possible
on what you already know.
Bring your own project

You may have noticed some slots in the program called
“Participants' Projects” or “Application scenarios"
or “Q&A Workshops” wondering what this is all about.

Have a practical question you want to discuss with your peers?
Want to introduce your research project for feedback?
Proud of your database and want to share it with the world?

This is your forum!

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