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TaaS - Terminology as a Service: Welcome to the Cloud Services for Terminology Work!


The motivation for the TaaS project is to address the need for instant access to the most up-to-date terms, user participation in the acquisition and sharing of multilingual terminological data, and efficient solutions for terminology resources reuse.

TaaS provides multilingual and collaborative terminology services to:
  • Identify term candidates in your documents and extract them automatically
  • Retrieve translation candidates from various sources
  • Refine terms and their translations
  • Share your terminology with other users
  • Use your terminology in other working environment

TaaS Beta version is already available: https://demo.taas-project.eu/
Enjoy the TaaS services!

The TaaS consortium:
  • Tilde, Latvia
  • Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Kilgray, Hungary
  • University of Sheffield, UK
  • TAUS, Netherlands

You can find more information about TaaS at: http://www.taas-project.eu/

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