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TermNet - International network for terminology


TermCoord - Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament


The TermCoord team, consisting of terminologists, assistants, IT and communication experts and trainees, sees its main task to provide terminology assistance to the translators in the European Parliament.
Within this domain TermCoord feeds and maintains IATE - the terminology database of the EU, starts and coordinates terminology projects in cooperation with the translation units, provides training, compiles other useful resources like specialized glossaries, a webpage with links to relevant reference documents, a page with transliteration rules for different languages and many others.
TermCoord is also responsible for the terminological maintenance of internal EP databases with compulsory terminology used in European Parliament documents (the Tosca-CODICT system of names of services, units and political bodies in Parliament). As IATE is an interinstitutional database TermCoord cooperates with the other participating EU institutions for consolidation, content management and technical development of IATE as well as for the exchange of best practices for terminology work and management. TermCoord also organises seminars and workshops on terminology and related issues with well-known academia in the field.

Website: http://termcoord.wordpress.com
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