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TshwaneDJe Human Language Technology


TshwaneDJe Human Language Technology is a private company that develops and offers dictionary- and language-related software and consulting services. TshwaneDJe was co-founded by David Joffe and Prof. Dr. Gilles-Maurice de Schryver (experts in software development and lexicography respectively) in 2002, based on, amongst others, a joint vision of improving the world and bridging cultures through better dictionaries.

Originally based in David Joffe's hometown of Pretoria (of which the traditional African name is 'Tshwane') in South Africa, in 2009 the company moved to Stellenbosch, and as of 2011 is located in Gordon's Bay, South Africa. We have consistently focused on professionalism, world-class quality, and delivering value to our customers. Originally dealing primarily with lexicography, the company has more recently broadened its focus to also cover terminology management software, corpus query software, software tools for translators, and general Language Services.


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