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Büro b3


Büro b3 has been founded initially in August 2011 under the name of “Beate Früh Terminologie- und Übersetzungsmanagement” and has been operated until August 2013 under the label and in cooperation of TermSolutions (www.termsolutions.de). In August 2013 they finished the cooperation and Beate Früh started to work under my own new label of Büro b3.  

Beate Früh offers consultancy and other services in the fields of terminology management, translation management and document review and style guides. She also offers terminology extraction and terminology work as a service.

Description of activities in the field of terminology :

  • Strategic consulting
  • Tool evaluation with respect to implement a terminology management system or workflow tools for term request and approval workflows.
  • Development of customer-specific terminology style guides
  • Definition of termbase structures
  • Cost-Benefit-analysis and ROI calculation
  • Development and monitoring of terminology processes
  • Provide project management activities for the implementation of terminology management
  • Customer-specific training and coaching of employees (onsite as well as online)
  • Heading terminology circles of customers
  • Supply terminology manager services, if needed
  • Term extraction as a service for customers
  • Identify and calculate key figures for terminology and translation processes and projects
  • Review of technical documentation and catalogue texts (check terminology)


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